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Manas Academy

Pre Nursery / Play Group

Age: 18 Month to 30 Month

In the early years curriculum, the school provides a learning environment where the natural curiosity and wonder of young children is encouraged and enhanced by skilful guidance from our professional team.

Manas Academy

Nursery, L.K.G., Prep

Age: Nursery : 3 Year +, L.K.G. : 4 Year +, Prep. : 5 Year +

The program offered to the children in Nursery, LKG, Prep at Manas Academy is based on a developmental approach to Early Childhood Education. The underlying philosophy of this approach trusts children and treats them as partners in the learning process.

Manas Academy

1st to 5th.

Age: 6 Years +

The core academic priorities of Language, Maths, Social Studies, General Knowledge and Science studies are presented in a manner that celebrates understanding, exploration, and skill development and fosters areas of personal interest and growth. A variety of learning strategies ensure that all learning styles are catered for. The use of Computer with Internet and overhead projectors provide motivation and a variety of learning experiences.