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It is estimated, in fact, that half of all intellectual potential is developed by the age of four. A child's experiences in the early few months of life determine how successful will he or she be in life. Considering these facts, what all should you look for in a school for your beautiful child?
We, at MANAS ACADEMY offer all that you would look for in a school. We take up the task to lay a firm base and strong foundation for your child's future and assure the overall growth of the child along with his/her personality development.

About us

Manas Academy was set up in July 2000 and is run by a society named " Manas Sanskar evam Shiksha Prasar Samiti", The society is registered (No. 49/2001-2002) with the Registrar of Societies, Udaipur.

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How we are Different ?

Our aim is to provide an appropriate environment to young children for their overall mental and physical development while making them feel at home.

It is proved that young children absorb valuable traits for their personality development during their formative years of childhood. Our focus is on Learn while you Play, interaction with other children, learning joys of sharing and picking up good habits under our expert supervision, with personalized individual care.

In the "Pre Primary" section, we have Pre Nursery, Nursery, L.K.G. & Prep. classes, where children are prepared for academic education A strong pre-primary education provides a vital base for academic growth and personality development, preparing the children to become good citizens of India. In "Primary" section, whole emphasis is on I.Q. development of the children so as to make them competent to face challenges of modern era.